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measuring + placing the new gutters

while Tony worked...

first on the aft bollards

fitting the new gutters

Thank heavens for good weather as JoLi'

was topless most of the day

New slots were cut for the new gutters

measuring the panels

Tony working on the mid-ship bollards

We would now have a sun-shade

Remains of our projects

to be taken away after we left.

2007:  In the yard… Part IV: New Wheelhouse Roof

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Vankerkoven had an entire department at the yard to do wheelhouses and had designed a clever drainage system for the roofs.

This was absolutely the last big thing that needed changing on JoLi'.

The old original roof was not very nice looking and had started to crack allowing water to fill.

It was only a matter of time before it would need to be replaced.

The last week we were in the yard we realized we had just enough money in our "yard kitty" to have our old wheelhouse roof


Wish we'd thought of it a little sooner, but we decided to stay a couple of extra days and have it done.

What was another couple of days after almost 2 months now.

The roof was installed and once again, we were incredibly happy with the result.

The roof looks like it has always been like this.


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