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JoLi' with the big guys


old bollards + part of the side were cut off

chalking line

Grinding dust needed to be washed off

every night, otherwise it would turn to


Cut line chalked

Tony studies before cutting

old bollards on shore

Tony starts to cut

sparks fly everywhere

on his back still cutting

almost done

changing his disc for the final cut

last bit

prying it loose

it's heavy!

…and took 2 to carry it off

taking a breath

a tiny piece had to be added at bow

already starting to look wider

at the quai

peek-a-boo we're here

work in progress

new bollards

new bollards complete

starboard side complete

starboard side complete

port side bollards + side cut

average days work dust that had to be


port side being cut

piece pried away

Cuts complete on port side

port bollards still to be done

and bow point to be cut down


2007:  In the yard… Part III: Bow transformation

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The refit of the bow, and the various smaller welding projects

were to take place while we were IN the water!

So, when we were “sprung” from the “pit” (read: put back in the water)

we moved around to the basin for the “BIG” commercial boats.

We were one of the smallest boats in this yard. The majority of the ships they worked on were anywhere from 67 to 85

meters in length. We chuckled when the owners of the big guys would pass by and comment that we had “a pretty little

boat”. The first photo shows you the relationship of JoLi's size to the others in this basin. You have a better idea in the

second photo where you see JoLi' on the right corner and the 90m barge on the slipway.

Read details below photos:

We were finally going to be able to have the bow of the barge completely remodeled. Since we bought JoLi' the high out

of proportion bow was awkward and an eyesore for us. Joe had drawn a string of the new design on the bow while we

were in the "pit" . Tony, our welder, spent every day of 2 1/2 weeks executing the most incredible metamorphosis. I

think the easiest thing to do is just run the slide show of the process and read the captions. At first Tony thought he

could work from the deck, but after a few days of back breaking work, he craned scaffolding into the water on which he

placed wooden planks to provide easier access.

Overview of process:  One side was completed at a time. • chalk line was traced for new form, • old steel side was cut

off, • old bollards were cut off, • new side piece of steel was bent and welded in place, • new shape was cut with

grinder, • new caping was bent and welded to the top, • new larger bollards were fabricated, • table (box) for bollards

was designed, cut, bent and welded, • primer applied, and the same process was repeated on the other side. Two and a

half weeks later he finished and boy were we pleased with the transformation. The new bow gives a so much more

spacious feeling to the foredeck. We're both super happy with the result! If you’re a boater, you know that this is quite a

rare feat!

At the last minute we realized that we ended up having enough funds in our yard "kitty" to replace the roof of our

wheelhouse. Vankerkoven was well known for their wheelhouse roofs from the simple like ours to the high-tech

hydraulic ones. Our roof had started cracking and leaking a few years ago, but we never imagined we'd have the funds

in our yard kitty to replace it. Read about the roof replacement project in Part IV.


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