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August 2006 - Toul North

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By the 15th of August, Joe had to turn on the central heating. The days were cool-cold and raining or threatening rain. We

pulled out our fleece jackets and long pants and tried to remind ourselves that this was "summer". We vowed we'd never again

complain about the heat. On the few days that it was cool and overcast we'd pop on the motorcycle and take advantage of being

in the beautiful Ardenne Forest. In some areas the steep cliffs came right down to the side of the canal. Magnificent. We reached

the French / Belgian border and lingered for a few days in the border town of Givet. We then turned around and headed back

down towards Toul. This time for variety, we tried to stop in different places than we did on the up. It appears to be a

completely different canal when you do this.

We spent another 10 days in Verdun. The days it rained or was too threatening we visited the Citadelle or stayed onboard

catching up on chores. The dry(er) days we hopped on the motorcycle and visited places further afield. The Douamont Ossuary

(pictured on this page) was particularly moving for us and well worth the visit. Also, the American Cemetary about 40 kms from

Verdun is well worth the stop as well as many monuments and memorial sites en route. Friends from our winter mooring came

in to Verdun port while we were there. It's always fun to see familiar people while out cruising in the summer. Verdun is well

worth the visit and has a very helpful Office de Tourism.

We moved on to Toul and then on to the Moselle River to arrive in Nancy at the end of August. We wanted to do some

shopping and errands before Julie and Guy arrived on the 4th of September. We were going to rent a car in Nancy and pick

them up at the airport in Strasbourg and bring them to Nancy where JoLi' was moored.


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