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In the big river locks, lifejackets are


Carol & Lisa at Verdun s/ Doubs

Preparing to enter lock 34b at the start of

the Canal du Centre.

Carol set up the sewing machine on deck.

Skylight now finished.

The "boys" and their families came for

another lunch and day out.

This seemed like as good a spot as any

for lunch.

Plenty of room for everyone to stretch


...and snooze after a big lunch.

Monica was enjoying handling the lines in

the locks.

Carol & Monica

This is a big lock with bollards that slide

inside the walls.

Sunset at Fragnes

Exiting lock 34b on our way home.

Lisa at the new helm station.

Great view of the banquette and the

cushions that Carol sewed.

Carol kept sewing.

Joe having to wear a childs lifejacket in

the river lock.

The river locks have bollards within the

walls as you go up. need to change from the lower one

to the next one up.

...and the water's coming in pretty strong

moving you around.

Then it's easy at the top when it's all


Arc en Senans

Besancon citadel

Besancon citadel

Their last day we visited Leflaive winery.

It was the vendage and Patrick gave us a

special tour of the picking.

Many of the pickers are students.

The Leflaive brothers - Olivier and Patrick

Joe sampling the harvest

Then "giraffes" empty the grapes in to the

presses at the winery.

Carol & Monica tasting the "sweet

wine" (the first press).

Inside the winery

The laboratory

The wine label storage cabinets


Pascal, the sommelier

August 2003 —  Monica and Carol's Visit

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Lisa's friends came for a two week visit.

We took them on a one+ week trip on the Canal du Centre, and sightseeing in Dole, Beaune,

Dijon, Arc en Senans and Besançon Cathedral and Citadel.

We also were fortunate to have a private tour of the winery at Puliny-Montrachet

during the vendage (grape harvest).


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