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The rapeseed was in full bloom

Cliffs of Roche Guyon on the Seine

Grand Allée late April

Grande Allée 2nd week of May

Little froggey on the lilly pad

April Return to France thru 2nd Week in May

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We returned to France much earlier than previous years because

Lisa had heard about the Brocante in Amiens.

It was always held the last Sunday of April and the first Sunday of October.

But this year, Easter fell on the last sunday of April and so the date

for the Brocante was moved forward one Sunday.

Luck was with us as the weather in France was glorious.

We were able to plant the flowers and un-winterize JoLi' in very pleasant weather.

Lisa started her Brocante excursions every weekend, and we visited Monet's Gardens

where the flowers were showing pleasure of the unseasonably beautiful weather.

The tulips, the wisteria, the azaleas, everything was exploding.

What a way to return to France!


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