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Lunch upon arrival

L'as du Fallafel


Pretty fresh looking after only 24 hours

Carnavalet Museum closed due to strike

Crêpe lunch at 142 Crêpes

The Metro is a super way to get around

Dad and daughter

Dinner after a long day!

Fresh a ready for a day at the Louvre

Venus de Milo

View from the Winged Victory

French paintings in La Grande Galerie

She's so small!

Coeur Marley

Dutch painters

Raspail Market

Hotel Lutecia in the 6th

Polâine Bakery

Followed by lunch at... of our current favorites... the Latin Quarter.

St. Étienne du Mont Church

Is this a trompe l'oeil?

Les Andeleys brocante

Picking up their rental car

Hotel in Honfleur


Hotel in Bayeux

Farm house near Arromanches

Hotel on the bay...

...with a view of Mt. Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel

September visit of Julie & Guy

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Julie & Guy arrived bright and early on the morning of the 6th of September. We live 30-40 minutes from Charles de Gaulle

airport, so it’s really a treat to be able to meet people right as they get off their flights. Better yet, that the people can be

onboard JoLi’ unpacked, have a nice lunch and go down for a long nap to help adjust to the time change because we are so


This year we did something a little different with them. Of course with their agreement, we organized each day around lunch

at one of our favorite bistros and visit to a museum, an exhibition, or a walk  through a particular quartier. These photos are

some of the various things we did during their first week. High points? Probably the personal full day tour we gave them of the

Louvre. They were able to see all the major works and much more.

By the weekend we were all ready for a rest, but surprise of surprise, there were 2 days of brocantes. Lisa told them not to

feel obliged to go with her and to go in to Paris and do something that they hadn’t done yet, but Guy was hooked. Julie went

with us the first day, was overwhelmed by the size and crowds, and opted to stay with Joe on JoLi’ the days that Lisa & Guy

went brocanting.

On Monday, the 13th of September they left Cergy for their honeymoon in Normandy. They stayed in Honfleur, at a farm

house near Arromanches (this was Julie’s favorite), in Bayeux and 2 nights at a wonderful old hotel near Mont St. Michel.


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