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Wysteria was in full bloom

Many brocantes are located around the

village church.

Lisa was in heaven!

Streets, and streets filled with little


Picnics in the Tuilleries

Renewed our membership to the Louvre

The coquelicots were in full bloom!

May and Our Return to France

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Who would have thought that we would be delayed in our return to France because of a volcano erupting in Iceland?

We certainly didn't!  But it happened. Chaos struck the aviation industry, and we were forced to delay our return by

almost two weeks because travelers were stranded, and planes were grounded or cancelled. Being standby passengers

we would never have gotten on. We stayed home and anxiously waited.

We were a bit nervous as we had booked a trip to Amsterdam for the beginning of May on the TGV from Paris with 3

nights hotel which were non-refundable or changeable. We managed to slip thru a hole of a couple of days that the

flights were available and got back to Paris 3 days prior to our train reservations. So much for adjusting to the time


Lisa hit the brocantes immediately upon our return from Amsterdam, as May is an excellent month for bargain-hunting.


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