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Lisa setting up the self-timer.

Just sit back and watch the sequence, it's

pretty funny.

The folie is carried indoors too.

2001 Thanksgiving - Sanger, California

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With JoLi' Folie safely moored in Toul, France we could return to California for Thanksgiving family gathering. The last days

we were in France the French News was reporting the coldest winter in a decade. By now, temperatures were in the minus

degrees C and our propane heaters were burning non-stop. We were using a 13 kg bottle in 2 days and the heaters were just

cutting the edge of the cold that we were living in 24 hours a day!

It would be good to warm up for a while but we also knew that when we did return our continuing journey would be that

much colder and further in to winter.

What would Thanksgiving be without the "family photo" on the front lawn. It all started years ago with a camera with

something called a "self-timer". This tradition continues and provides great entertainment.

It's wonderful to have the family gather each year. The family gathering warmed our enthusiasm to continue in what we

knew would be even colder conditions. We would never have missed being home for Thanksgiving.


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