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Follow us on our journeys (mostly by water) over the years.

To the right side of the screen you will see years listed from the most recent, to the beginning of our

adventure in 1999. If you click on a year it will open up a summary page of chapters (usually broken down into

months) with more photos and at times more detailed commentary within them.

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Digital photography had just come out in 1999, the year we started our traveling adventures. We made a point

of getting a digital camera before departing from Ventura, California on our sailing adventure. It was a

whopping 1 megapixel camera (no, this isn't a typo)! The digital camera resolved our dilemma of storing and

developing traditional film while cruising.

Over the years digital cameras have improved greatly enabling us to document our adventures more via

photos than text. We also seem to think that if given the choice, people prefer to look at pictures vs read

volumes of text.


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